Denis Goldberg House of Hope

Denis Goldberg’s dream is to have an arts and culture education centre in Hout Bay, Cape Town where he lives. As he explains: “It is a vision that combines the passions of my life: the creation of cohesive, non-racial and non-prejudiced communities, the realisation of young people’s potential and a celebration of creativity and expression…. Creating a beautiful space for this to happen, where young people can develop those vital creative and expressive skills will be my lasting contribution to the future of Hout Bay, which has been my home for so long.” Denis continues to engage actively in our initiatives where his health and energy allow him to.

We have been given a 99-year lease of part of the existing Hout Bay Museum site and have already raised the funds needed for phase 1 of the Denis Goldberg House of Hope. We expect this phase to be completed in early 2020. We want to thank all who have helped us to reach this milestone.

  • Phase 1 consists of a gallery to house the exhibition on Denis’s life as well as his art collection; a small office; an activity room; toilets; and a covered entrance and walkway with seats where young people can spend time together


Meanwhile we are fundraising for phase 2 of the construction which will have a much larger number of activity rooms which we and other organisations will use for activities for young people

  • Phase 2a consists of a double-storey row of activity rooms which we and other organisations will use for activities for young people – and which young people themselves can use for their own activities.
  • Phase 2b is a second double-storey row of activity rooms, parallel to the first, but at some distance.
  • Phase 2c will create an auditorium by placing a roof across the two rows of activity rooms.


A combination of small and large amounts of money helped us fund Phase 1. We need your generosity to expand space for activities to happen and ask that you please show your continued support for Denis’s dream and vision.

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